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Halal / Haram jobs Clarification

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  • Halal / Haram jobs Clarification

    can someone point out some Halal jobs?

    I was looking into Taxi Driver and noticed its haram because you will be alone with women & you will be transporting people to places such as pubs / clubs etc etc

    Courier Driver haram? because you might be deliverying Alcohol / prohibtied things

    Postman haram? because you will be delivering riba letters & other sorts?

    jobs which include interact with women? because you need to lower your gaze

    doing DIY / handyman haram? because you will 8/10 be alone with a women inside her house

    Gas man / British gas service or anything of that sort where you go to people houses haram? for the same reason above - being alone with a women in her house

    Recovery driver haram ? women breaks down you pick her car up, she jumps inside the recovery truck with you to take her home. now your alone with a women

    is what I have written correct? if so can anyone name a few jobs which are okay to do and Halal?

    I noticed people usually say bin man and this is correct I don't mind doing that at all its actually really good money but times are 6am-2pm so you miss fajr and most likely Jummah or just about make Jummah and smell like a garage truck lol.

    I tried to do some business nearly 2 years ago and went broke and lost nearly all my money, ive managed to get some back now but im pretty scared to risk the money again as it could go towards hajj or mahr etc

    If anything I need some clarification on what I have written so I can make sure either to apply for certain jobs or not

    need a halal job > halal job where I can pray > halal job where I can go to jummah

    seems impossible

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    Being a postman doesn't sound like a problem. It just doesn't fit in with the other jobs like taxi and its reasons for being haram.


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      first of all in darul kufr
      lands of disbelief

      most jobs will contain some form of haram involved but that doesnt necessarily mean that all the money you earn is haram

      for each of the jobs u mentioned there are also things u didnt mention ie for cabs u can refuse to take customers who want to go clubs pubs etc

      but these kind of questions should be asked to a scholar specialised in fiqh
      ask a faqih your questions


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        Originally posted by Abdullah Kawab

        You can study the Quran more thoroughly and become a Imam. You will get free quarter to stay and sometimes free food. It's not a bad job. Money is ok too. However, women dig on Imams so don't hit back on them.. else even this job will be Haram.

        Fear Allah.
        You should not tell him outright lies.

        The Job of an Imam is Halaal

        "It does not befit the lion to answer the dogs."



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