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How to tame the beard

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  • How to tame the beard

    any idea how to tame a Sunnah wajib beard? i.e not trimmed or cut just let grow beard

    its getting out of control and I don't have time to attend to it, to be like a women i.e spend 30 minute on it every-time before I leave the house

    I used beard oil but I stopped because as soon as I do Wudu its back to square one also the beard oil stings my eyes when doing Wudu and I don't have money to waste on applying beard oil 5 times a day

    also combs have no effect on it, and the bore brushes are haram

    any tips etc is much appreciated

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    i thought u was female


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      use olive oil itl help and wont sting plus o only need a little not alot

      use conditioner on your beard when u shower if u have to
      so it becomes soft
      brush it everyday

      if that doesnt help then nothing u can do


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        use coconut oil