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Being transgender is a mental illness and trendy, similar to transracialism

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  • Being transgender is a mental illness and trendy, similar to transracialism

    The correct term for a man or woman who identifies as "transgender" should be man or woman with gender dysphoria which is what they suffer from: a condition characterised still as the psychological delusion that one has been born in the wrong body.

    And it shouldn't come as a surprise many who identify as transgender have pre-existing mental health conditions like ADHD and depression, continuing to have such long after they transition.

    Surgically altered transgender people are merely just that, surgerical altered, they haven't changed their sex. A man who has a "sex change" is still a man, he may have removed his male organs and suppressed the testosterone in his body with hormone replacement (which he needs to continue for the rest of his life) but he has no womb, no overies, no uterus and the lack of genetics plus chromosomes that are unique to actual females.

    Transgender people can be compared to transracial people like a white person who says she's now "black" because she got a fake skin tan and plastic surgery on their face. Transgender is exactly the same thing and those saying otherwise are lying.

    Transgenderism and transracialism is really just body modification. The people who identify as either are people who are body modifiers suffering from mental illness. The worst part is how they try to push and enforce their views on others and even want us to accept a non surgically altered man or woman as the opposite sex if they merely start identifying as such. Furthermore they keep trying to redefine gender and sex because they're aware that the facts are against them.

    Transgender "woman" = still a man.

    Transgender "man" = still a woman.

    Surgical alterations won't change your genetics or your vocal cords and further more, you'll lack the real sex organs required to reproduce. You might come to look like the other gender but everywhere else, you'll still be the gender you were born as.

    Studies about rapid onset gender dysphoria also get censored by trans activists because all the evidence is normally against what they promote. The evidence being that many of the cases of transgender identification we're seeing today is normally from impressionable vulnerable teenagers who had transgender friends or have been influenced by social media. Studies about "re-transitioning" are the same, censored by the complaints of the trans lobby.

    Then there was a BBC documentary, cancelled because trans activists said it was "transphobic" for telling people about the studies showing that the majority of transgender kids stop feeling that way when they grow up.

    It's really amazing to see this health problem continued to be promoted as "healthy" and glorified by many in the West even though all the evidence suggests it shouldn't be. All the evidence suggests that the desire to be the opposite gender is something in the mind that can be dealt with by therapy.

    We're already seeing transracialists too, how much longer before a white woman wanting to be black starts demanding to be legally recognised as such and wanting to persecute those who don't recognise her as such just like the trans movement is doing?

    And take away the idea of transgender as a mental health problem and you still have the problems it poses with society. Transgender "Women" with testosterone in sports, beating the competition with a natural biological advantage of being men. Transgender "women" in prison raping female inmates.

    Then where do we go from there? First it's surgical transgender but will it be any who identify as such soon? There's already many in the trans lobby who call on anyone merely identifying as the opposite gender to be treated as such (legally and socially) and if they can't see the problems that presents, then they have more problems than their gender dysphoria.

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    This tranny nonsense is really bad in the U.S.
    "When a man sees the road as long he weakens in his walk." Ibn Qayyim