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Muslim revert sisters. do people mistake you for born muslims a lot?

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  • Muslim revert sisters. do people mistake you for born muslims a lot?


    I recently reverted to Islam from christianity. I just started wearing a hijab and its like an entirely different world to be honest. People speak to me in Urdu, guys don't talk to me casually in public as much, and people look at me funny if I am in a "native english" area like I am out of place even though I am native english. Has anyone else experienced people just assuming you are light skinned pakistani (Im white)?

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    Yes definately, people havent mistaken me for pakistani since i dont like around pakistanis, but chenchenian or northern african..
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      Salaam i have the opposite problem, white people will look at me like im a traitor and I'm not sure why because I dont look white. But either way, let them think whatever they want. You have Allah and they don't so they will always look at you funny because they don't understand how beautiful it is to have a relationship with the one that created you. Go about your day, as long as no one is harassing you. Our lives don't revolve around what the disbelievers think of us but I agree that assumptions can be annoying. You belong in your town just as much as any of them so don't let anyone make you feel like you dont belong. You can try smiling if you're getting weird looks, i usually just look straight ahead wherever I go and make zero eye contact.


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        These things happen and they will probably always happen. It even happens to me and i am not a revert, but everyone seems to think i am. Ive been invited to revert centers before. And just yesterday this woman in the mosque started asking me a question in english. Like why? I always just start replying in arabic and watvh the look of shock appear on their faces. Its actually funny. But see that these things happen to everyone that look a little different.

        The Muslim population has almost 2 billion people in it. We are such a large group from so many different places that it's ok if people make assumptions and don't know exactly where you are from. There isn't just one type of look that can be classified as Muslim. What's important is that you are actually seen as a Muslim.


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          Yes that happens a lot to me, I mean people think I am born muslim. And a few times people thought that I am an Arab, or Arab descent, especially my first year wearing hijab.
          Maybe anyone wearing hijab is an Arab to them.
          He has created man from a sperm-drop; and behold this same (man) becomes an open disputer! (16:4)