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Question: How to convey the goodwill of Muslims to the public?

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  • Question: How to convey the goodwill of Muslims to the public?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum...
    The reason I'm here is to find a way to convey goodwill to other people from a Muslim perspective.
    I'm sorry I'm not a Muslim, so even though I did lots of research, there was something I can't understand.
    I'm a master student from SYD uni, and we have a project about Muslim in Australia.
    there was some conflict between Muslims and other people in SYD and Mel. And through our research, it is because some extreme ones want to earn respect from public.
    This may lead to a trend of increasing Australian families have removed their children from the Muslim district.
    Our task is to try to solve this problem. But we know religious conflicts are not that easy to be solved ... we may try to alleviate it first.
    we try to design some things from a Muslim perspective... maybe a decoration... maybe a marketing campaign with posters, flyers... anything practical or abstract that can delivery massage to the public.
    we think the patterns composed of characters are very distinctive, then we try to refer some featured pictures, but it really hard to find the meaning of those words in the picture. we dare not use them arbitrarily.
    So I find this forum... I hope that I can get some advice from here. What you think is a good form to connect Muslim and other people?

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    What are you studying?

    One of the first thing's I'd do is go out and speak to Muslims.


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      I'm studying design... I think we have some Muslims in our campus but they are rarely worn with specific costumes, and I don't have a Muslim friend...
      I don't know if it will be rude when I went straight to a stranger and asked about their religion...?


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        Does your uni have a facebook page or other social media? Maybe if the uni has an ISOC or MSA (Muslim students association) with online contact details then that seems like the most appropriate place to ask as this seems to be a local issue and as you've pointed out; a stranger walking up to them asking personal questions about religion might not go down well. There are very few Aussie Muslims on this site- most of us are from other parts of the world (mostly UK based). I mention this cos' even the Muslim community 30 minutes drive away from my house is very different from the Muslim community where I live- let alone on the other side of the world. Roughly one in five of the world's population is Muslim.

        What do you mean by people removing their kids from a Muslim district? Does that mean withdrawing kids from a diverse school or does it mean families are moving out of the area? Is the neighbourhood experiencing "white flight"? We've seen white flight happen in Britain and it happens in the US all the time. What you're describing in terms of decorations and toys might be well intentioned but it sounds quite superficial and whatever has driven a wedge in the local community probably runs a lot deeper than that. Your post seems vague about the actual crux of why there is some sort of religious tension in the first place, who those tensions are between and why.

        I'm not saying this to be harsh but perhaps one reason you're having difficulty solving this problem is that you don't seem to have made any attempt to approach, engage or have a conversation with the Muslims concerned about what their grievances are and how best to alleviate them.
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