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Is this allowed ?

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  • Is this allowed ?

    Salam alaikom,

    i had a question, if you have a friend who did you wrong, or you are upset with them over something somewhat serious or very serious, and you need to vent about it to another trustworthy person, is that okay or is it considered talking behind their back?

    i never questioned this before as i always thought its only normal to want to vent when a friend frustrated you about something or is doing you wrong. But now im questioning it.

    barak allah fikom

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    If they're a friend best to talk to them not about them. Talking to someone else about them may only make things worse.


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      venting is not allowed
      it would be gheeba backbiting

      if it was a matter related to u depending on the situation you could mention the person such as if your spouse was hitting you and had to speak to a shaykh but if its not regarding you
      then you cant mention the name