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Mom is pressuring me to get plastic surgery

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    Originally posted by chirine View Post

    Salam, what you posted made me a little confused. Here it says you will not enter hell if you have the smallest amount of iman in you and vice versa, but i also read in other places that if you have sins ( lets say minor since we know major will get you to hell no questions asked unless you repent) you will get punished for them even if they are as small as a seed. Also if your good deeds outweight your bad deeds do you go to hell for those bad deeds or no?
    shukran for your answer.
    I get your view. Best to ask a scholar. The word 'enter' in the quoted hadith does make it confusing.


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      Originally posted by AishaAbdul View Post
      You should tell your mom it's more important to have a blessed marriage
      She doesn't even think I will be able to get married, especially if I don't get the surgery, and now its starting to get to my head. I'm usually a shy/quiet girl, most of my friends aren't even muslim because I live in the west, my family doesn't know a lot of people. I'm average looking and can't imagine a guy would like me, let alone want to marry me. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining and really do appreciate all the advice because its helpful but at the same time it just seems kind of hopeless and quite frankly pathetic


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        I just realised I posted in the wrong thread. Ignore my post, that hadith was meant for another thread -.-