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The only path that achieves the happiness of mankind

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  • The only path that achieves the happiness of mankind

    It is the path, which is known to all those who are reasonable and fair. Even though some may deny it publicly, they know that this is the path to eternal bliss. They are similar to those who denied the Prophet-hood of Moses (pbuh) despite his miracles,

    Many fair-minded and wise people, even those that do not embrace Islam, know that this is the only path that achieves the happiness of all mankind in both worlds.

    This is the path recognized by all those who are free and brave, and those who have the courage to state their opinions, despite restrictions and persecution. They do not fear their selves, other people, or what is new. They do not fear propaganda and previous mental images; in fact nothing prevents such people from embracing this religion. How many a people were prevented by their cowardice, relations, social ties, and fear of commitment from proceeding on the path to happiness? Allah says: {so fear them not, but fear Me, if you are (true) believers.}
    The unique way to happiness for humanity, which all the prophets & their followers went through, starts with Allah's unification and believing in all the prophets.
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