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Practicing Islam + hijab

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  • Practicing Islam + hijab


    hope everyone is well. Please share your opinions/views on whether you think it is ok at the moment for me to be doing this.

    i am a practicing muslimah, just started a month ago or so, meaning praying Salah, donating to charities, volunteering in relief aid programs, fasting on mondays etc , however the only thing I don’t do is wear hijab, I do dress modestly-ish meaning I don’t show off and I tend to wear baggy clothes during work and school to not draw attention.

    I feel as if I am not fully ready to wear the hijab and the responsibilities it brings to the table, as I have to fully get accustomed to that lifestyle and fully change myself (appearance wise) something that I would not care about once I get married however at the moment as bad as it sounds I do care right now only because there are people out there , women who look at their sons and look at the girl wanting her to look super perfect and me personally I don’t feel as secure about myself with a hijab on. As bad and messed up as it sounds this is my thinking process which I plan to change so please don’t go off on me on that . I already know this and WILL be changing it but for tr time being it is like this so I am going through it.

    Please let me know if I can repent, practice being a good Muslim with the things I am already doing without fully adapting hijab in my life, I have started to cover my head in school here and there and have the ability to do it full time it’s just right now I don’t think I am ready to fully go in.

    Your thoughts and views would be much appreciated

    Jazakallah khair / thank you