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Advice for brothers and sisters going through tough times.

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  • Advice for brothers and sisters going through tough times.

    The reason i am making this thread is because i see alot of threads day in day out on this forum about people going through something!
    I wanna jump straight into the topic i wanna talk about,OUR PROBLEMS!
    Nowadays who ever you meet anyoneeee! they are depressed because of something some are depressed because of money,some because of marriage,some because of work issues anything you can think of there is someone that has issues with it,and everyone thinks there issue is more serious and bigger than the issue of others when it is absolutey not!

    So what do we do? some problems you should face and some you just say mashAllah and leave it because you can't do anything about it.Everyone almost everyone is concerned about their future FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE! and there is nothing wrong about it but the only piece of advice that has worked for me is that ''only Allah know the future,try your best and let it be,because only HE knows the future he will give you want he wants to''

    I just wanna say let go of things that hurt you.
    Think about others before you say anything.
    Everything here is a test.
    Go for your afterlife you will get the duniya also.