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Alternatives to Uni (when trying to avoid interest in student loans)

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  • Alternatives to Uni (when trying to avoid interest in student loans)

    This thread mainly applies for people in the UK. There are a lot of options for non uni routes for careers. But we mainly hear of the limited few from people around us.
    So apart from apprenticeships, what other options/courses are available that lead to good pay? This can include online courses which you can fund while working.
    I will be listing some that I hear/know about..

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    in uk
    take gap years and save
    work during uni part time and fulltime in summer to save and pay

    currently in uk nhs funds some degrees through apprenticeship schemes and also other companies organisations do

    i dont know of any actually funded course without apprenticeship (thus working for them)

    nhs use to fund for radiography
    and couple other courses but not no more

    or borrow or raise money using family friends charities donations ie gofund me

    best degrees are medicine, engineering, dentistry, nursing, radiography, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, any that leads to becoming a teacher, Computer science and it related (but becoming saturated and harder to getting employment)

    the above are degrees where u can always get a job as its in high demand around the world



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