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Why are clothes so overpriced?

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    I've seen abayas with some lace embroidery costing £55
    that's too expensive for me
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      Food is overpriced. Everything costs so much.


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        Originally posted by Magic. View Post
        I was at the shopping centre, pair of jeans £85, coat £120...

        Yet it states on the labels, ''made in Turkey'', ''made in Bangladesh''

        We know these workers get paid pittance...
        The clothing made in these countries is expensive because people are willing to pay those prices. I’m assuming they are more name-brand types you’re looking at.

        Making clothing is not an easy task, in general; it can be time consuming, and fabric isn’t generally cheap. Beyond that, it’s very hard on your neck and shoulders.

        I can understand why clothing made in US or UK, for example, is higher priced because wages are higher and, as I said, it’s time consuming and fabric isn’t cheap.

        The bottom line is designers at getting high prices for clothes made in sweatshops because people buy it. There is a documentary on Netflix called The True Cost. It is about sweatshops in Bangladesh and the safety issues there as well as greed of designers.