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How repeating something makes others believe it's true

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    Originally posted by Saif-Uddin View Post

    I wouldn't want any harm to come to a Muslim.

    The problem is Zeeshan has a massive Ego problem, and he goes of his rocker when sometimes doing certain unislamic activities, when one disagrees with him.
    Repetition works wonders. Keep repeating and people eventually believe you. It's a flaw in the human brain. There are numerous things everyone believes without consideration. You do too. It is not an issue of gullibility. The brain just likes to go with feeling. And that is what makes the world a test.

    It is a cognitive bias. When you begin to take things just because someone repeats them over and over to you, that is a cognitive bias. As humans, everyone is affected by it. Evidence means very little to most people. You can show them studies and research, in worldly matters, but they prefer their narrative. They just keep repeating it over and over again.

    You can show evidence in matters of Diin, but they feel more comfortable with what they have grown up believing. Use their emotions and repetition and it is so easy to bring them back to what they were taught since childhood.

    So, in a nutshell sounding like a broken record can actually pay off if you want to convince people of your narrative.
    Watch those eyes


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      Repetition is like the computer. It is a tool which can be used for good and bad.

      Keep telling people something over and over and many will believe it.

      If you tell them something correct, then it is good.

      If you are a liar who creates illusions, then you will have a lot of problems in the next world.

      Also, you can use positive affirmations to improve areas where you are weak. You can tell yourself I will be polite over and over. With time it will ingrain into your subconscious. Then, it will become second nature.

      You will be able to follow the Sunnah
      Watch those eyes