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Working desperately

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  • ummsayfullah
    Get another job

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  • Abu julaybeeb
    You cannot teach secularism
    secularism is a system of kufr(disbelief)
    You cannot be a teacher in this school if u have to teach this

    if you can find a way to say for example to teach the kids this is what the government say but then look at the errors and faults of secularism and say also islam teaches this xyz and so u basically refuted it then maybe however u should ask scholars not random people on internet
    ask reliable scholars not people who love ataturk

    ataturk is a murtad (apostate)

    fear Allah and remember what is more important the akhira or dunya
    do you want to anger Allah and enter jahannam
    or struggle now for the sake of Allah and earn jannah
    Allah will provide for your family have tawakkul
    if u get fired look for another job just remember Allah will help if your sincere

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  • mercin67
    started a topic Working desperately

    Working desperately