Islam religion who endows rights of daughter for everyone in the society. Some of them mention below:
  1. Religion rates women as equal to men and there is no discrimination of one gender against another.
  2. They have a right to education and can work like a man to earn a livelihood.
  3. She belongs to her paternal family and after the marriage, the bond remains the same.
  4. She has the right to have financial support until she acquires a husband.
  5. They should receive love and fair treatment.
  6. Islam indicates her share of a father property. It is to be given at every cost.
  7. She has a right to choose her husband and she cannot be obliged to marry anyone,
  8. If by the will of Allah, she becomes a widow or divorced. She can go back to her paternal family where she should be supported financially and treated with affection.
  9. Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) refers to show her kindness as the best charity.
  10. They are free to speak, express their views and ideas in front of the society.