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Lessons You Learned The Hard Way...? (Serious / Not-so-serious)

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  • CompleteSanity

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  • Indefinable
    Burnt hands/fingers thinking I could manage taking out something from the oven - without wearing oven gloves - and only using a dish cloth. Nothing serious - but completely avoidable.

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  • Lessons You Learned The Hard Way...? (Serious / Not-so-serious)

    (Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullah.)

    Things we learned the hard way (or are currently learning) because we were dismissive, stubborn, naive, etc.

    Serious, light-hearted, anything in between, inshaa'Allah.

    Maybe your sharing can help us...

    (Note: No disclosing of sins of course. That's definitely not what we want.)
    Jazaa'akallah Khair.

    Ps. Currently nursing a wonky shoulder because of a bit of carelesness when working out. ( Lesson: Warm up properly and if you feel the 'wrong sort' of pain don't try to force yourself through the lift like a mup--t. :| )
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