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Lowering gaze confrontation

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  • Lowering gaze confrontation


    I am speaking as muslim man.

    Walking in public can be a bit difficult as lowering the gaze becomes harder with such a shameless society with women dressing half naked and or wearing really exposing clothes.

    This has happened to someone that was lowering his gaze when walking past a half naked woman, but was then confronted about it, asking him if he thought she was ugly and she felt really offended.

    What would be an appropriate response?

    Thank you in advance

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    Walaykum salam,

    I would ask why she feels so much of a need to be validated on the basis of what other people think of how she looks.

    Aside from that say for religious reasons men are not supposed to ogle at or "check out" women by staring as this is seen as demeaning towards her as a person so averting the gaze is a sign of respect.
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      I don't think either happened of course.

      If anything you should be a lot more offended at her taking offence, after her forcing her nakeedness on innocent people who are more concerned with decency than her.
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        salaams to all

        theres quite a few nice videos on Youtube where knowledgeable ppl give very good answers to this question.
        it all depends on how u come across & how you handle the situation.

        no need to rude,confrontational or insulting.

        with women like that, they WANT attention and many feel more insulted that you didnt look at them bcos they feed off the attention they get in public.

        if u ever get the chance to speak to them in order to explain your reaction, u should say something like:
        "just as i wouldnt like other men ogling my wife,sister, mother or daughter, u are also someones daughter, sister, mother or wife & im sure they wont like me ogling you"

        if we attack them, then we are closing the doors to these lost cases entering Islam in future & we are conforming to the stereotypes & preconceived ideas of muslims/Islam that they already have.

        and Allah ta'ala knows best
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          The only response is to continue walking.



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