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How to be a morning person?

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  • How to be a morning person?

    Salaam aleiykum

    i am cranky in the mornings, dizzy, its even hard to just talk.. i do wakeup at 7 but im moody and tired until about 9...

    i was thinking to stay up after fajr, but i think i would still be cranky, tired and just worthless overall...

    does anyone have tips to overcome this?
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    How late do you sleep? Do you often have a lack of energy or crankiness? It's possible that you're just sleeping too late or that your diet is somehow lacking in the B vitamins to give you energy. If this has only been going on for a very little while, your body may simply need time to adjust - keep at it and sleep a little earlier to make yourself want to wake up earlier because you've had your fill of sleep.