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  • About the People of Kitab

    I find the Quran does mentions a lot about them, but are they really our friends in faith? Or enemy? Based in these Quran verses.

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    Originally posted by Muz1234 View Post
    I find the Quran does mentions a lot about them, but are they really our friends in faith? Or enemy? Based in these Quran verses.
    All praises are due to Allah, peace and blessings upon the Prophet.

    The aya/verse in suratl Baqara 2:62 has been addressed by the ulama.

    First, in Asbabul Nuzul by shaykh al Wahidi, it is reported by the renowned mufassirs al Suddi and Mujahid that the Sahabi Salman al Farsi (rah) went to the Prophet (saws) and told him of monks that he used to study and follow. Salman said these monks used to pray, fast, and believed in the coming of the Prophet as the Last of the Messengers of Allah (saws). In that sense, Salman was concerned about their fate given that they died, or likely had died by the time of the Prophet's (saws) Mission began and the Message of Islam has reached them. After expressing what he knew of them, Salman asked the Prophet (saws) of their fate, and the report is the Prophet (saws) answered 'they will dwell in Hell fire'. But then Allah AWJ revealed to the Prophet (saws) ayaat 2:62 as a response regarding their fate.

    As the revelations from Allah have ended, His Message perfected, and the Prophet (saws) succeeded in carrying the Message, one must ask the question: does 2:62 apply to all Jews, Christians, Sabians, until the Last Day, or did it apply to those who died before hearing the Message of Islam?

    The Sahabi Abdullah Ibn Abbas (rah), nephew of the Prophet (saws), is reported to have said that in terms of how this ayah applies, it has been abrogated by 3:85

    And whoever seeks other than [the] Islam (as) religion then never will be accepted from and he in the Hereafter, (will be) from the losers.

    And the opinion of Ibn Abbas is adopted by the majority of ulama. So 2:62 cannot be said to directly address or describe the Jews, Christians, Sabians of today.
    Rather, the UPRIGHT WAY OF THINKING is to strive the utmost to understand the reality of the world and the relationship between peoples. And then approach the Divine Texts to understand how they apply to this reality.

    Regarding suratl Maidah 5:82, again in Asbabul Nuzul, Ibn Abbas is reported to have said the ayaat 5:82-86 were revealed regarding The Christian monks and the Negus of Abisynnia to who the Prophet (saws) had written a letter regarding Jafar (rah) and the Muslim refugees living among them. Ibn Kathir reports this is regarding a delegation of Ethiopians who the Negus sent to meet the Prophet (saws) and were moved to accept Islam and returned to report to the Negus about the Prophet (saws). So it is likely these ayaat are early Madinan and describe those Abysinnian Christians who protected early Muslims, and also the Yathribi Jews who plotted to assassinate the Prophet (saws) and attempted to overthrow the Islamic society in al Madinah, even plotting with the Romans and mushrik Quraish.

    Again, one has to look at the reality first. The reality is Western Christians who come from the Roman heritage are more similar to the Romans who the Prophet (saws) warned us of, rather than the Abysinnian Christians of Africa, who were an isolated community who resisted Roman colonization.

    Allahumma, aranee al haqqu haqqan wa arzuqnee itiba`ahu, wa aranee al baatilu baatilaan wa arzuqnee ijtinaabahu.Oh Allah! show us the truth as true, and inspire us to follow it. Show us falsehood as falsehood, and inspire us to abstain from it.
    " Do you know what destroys Islam? A mistake made by a scholar, the argument of a hypocrite in writing and the ruling of leaders who wish for people to stray