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Islamic Halal Investments/Stocks Website

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  • Islamic Halal Investments/Stocks Website

    Assalam'alaikum, want to share with you Islamic Halal Investments/Stocks Website Here you can learn about Halal investments, track/see Halal stocks, mutual funds and more. The best part is you can interact with other investors in online discussion forum. Currently it is geared towards USA, but in sha Allah, the aim is to make it a global platform.

    So, if you just started earning, this should be your companion right now. If you are already a pro in investing, we need your help. Or if you are an average Joe-vestor, this is the platform to meet other Joes.

    So, please do check us out. It is still in Beta phase, but in sha Allah, we hope to grow fast with your help and interest. We love to hear any site feedback you have.

    Jazak Allahu Khairan.