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Ruling on praying for forgiveness for a non-muslim who passed

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  • Ruling on praying for forgiveness for a non-muslim who passed

    Last edited by Zainab70x; 03-07-18, 02:36 PM.

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    Originally posted by Zainab70x View Post
    A dear friend of mine, who was still very young was recently murdered as an innocent by-stander in a shooting. He was very young still in his twenties, full of light and love and very charitable. He took care of his entire family on his own and was well known for good manners, spreading love and didn't have a single person who disliked him. Pure and gentle heart, well known for being "too nice" even.

    He was born christian expressed his interest in converting many times and said that islam made more sense to him then anything else. From my knowledge he never got a chance to convert (we hadn't talked in a few months due to work and me being out of the country), although he did say he had something important to talk about I never got the chance to see him. His funeral will be in a church.

    What is the ruling on praying for him, many people say you cannot for non-muslims because they are people of the fire but this can't also be the same case for someone who was young, had interest in converting and had his life brutally taken away from him. What are other things I can do that are permissible to help someone in the after life (i have heard of donations in their name?)

    jazakallah khair
    one who is a kaafir cannot be prayed for when they are dead, Allah will judge him as he knows whats in his heart and we do not, but as far as this life is concerned he did not accept islam


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      maybe this can be relevant


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        You could've prayed for Allah (swt) to guide him whilst he was alive but you can't pray for him now that he's dead. Muslims have to judge by what is apparent (cos' we can't see into a person's heart) so if no one has witnessed him taking shahada, we can only judge by the apparent that he is still a non Muslim and it is forbidden for us to pray for him. If in his heart he had accepted Islam and if he had taken shahada but admitted it to no one and there were no witnesses, then that is a matter between him and Allah (swt) but again, we can only deduce his status as a Muslim or non Muslim based on the apparent and no amount of kind manners and good deeds on his part changes the hukm.

        In future, if you come across a non Muslim whom you feel close to or respect a lot, then bear that in mind. Pray for their guidance and encourage them towards that whilst they are alive but until and unless there's a shahada, you can't pray for them after they die.
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