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Need Help: Benefit vs. Harm with a haram action

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  • Need Help: Benefit vs. Harm with a haram action

    I live in the US and am trying to go to college in Jordan葉he culture there is more conducive to being able to practice religion more openly and free of judgement and it will be more relaxing as I am around other Muslims. There is a cut-off for the only school I知 able to apply to of an 85%. In my last year of high school, I took a class I thought wasn稚 for credit and didn稚 pass. Without that class, I am above the cut off. With it, I am below it. I have the opportunity to modify the transcript I知 giving the program, would that be halal because of the many benefits to the one bad action?

    When it comes to a haram action, if the benefits to one痴 deen outweigh the harm, would it be permissible?

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    Additionally, I did not realize that class in question would be for credit if that affects the degree of deception that removing it would be


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      U cant do this without sinning