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    Hey everyone, I want to say firstly thankyou for taking the time to read this. I have recently been laid off unexpectantly. I was employed by Time Warner cable in the business Sales department. There was a semi recent merger that has caused my position to move out of state. This happened on the 8th of May. My rent is due on the 6th of June and I start my new temp job on the 4th. I can’t ask family because I was the one where the money was flowing from the top to the bottom. I just need help paying my rent and having funds to live on until I can get my first check from the temp job. I am not able to take out a loan due to my credit. This is really embarrassing coming to a forum to ask for funds but it’s the only option I have right now. I truly do need help. I need around $700 more to cover rent and the rest of my expenses until my first pay period. And when I say I have not eaten in going on 3 days I cannot stress enough how degrading this feels. But I will get it together and prepare better for the future, so I do not end up in this position again. I just really need help bridging the gap from now until my first pay comes. Thanks for your time here’s my PayPal link anything will help.
    Pray for my finances Please!