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Don't know how to conform

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  • zarahqari
    started a topic Don't know how to conform

    Don't know how to conform

    I was previously an intersex (having ambiguous genitalia of both male and female), assigned and raised as boy. At the age of 15 my body began feminize and my parents brought me to the doctors. I am found having XX genetics and have female organs inside my body, so the doctors advised and persuaded my parents that I should be a girl. I have the corrective surgery, at the age of 16.

    I have various counselling before and after the surgery. However, I still feel not adaptable to my new gender.

    I feel depressed, missing, and helpless. I feel difficult to identity myself as a girl. I feel difficult to conform to the norms of being a girl. In fact, I don't like being a girl.

    What should I do? Should I seek transition back to a male? How can I do that? I am living in a gulf country.

  • Abu julaybeeb
    Go speak to scholars
    your parents
    and therapists

    not people online

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