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Driving a motorcycle for fun

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  • Driving a motorcycle for fun

    Is driving a motorcycle as a hobby/pass-time haram? I know it is permissible to drive it as a form of transportation, but what is the ruling if you want to drive it for fun?

    Especially if you're going high speeds (in a controlled environment). Isn't it too risky?

    I don't think it is equivalent to the riding of a horse for fun, because there is an actual benefit from the experience you gain from riding from the horse as well as it being a sunnah.

    Please try not to be BIAS, and give me your honest opinion inshallah.

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    This is not a fatwa by any stretch but im just thinking on what basis would it be haram ?

    A Clear cut Quran/Hadith evidence? Not that i know of

    Danger to life ? Thats subjective, depends on rider/conditions

    A Waste of Money? (Its not a cheap hobby but then most serious hobbies are not cheap) and im not sure how
    that would lead to a general prohibition since some rich Muslims own Sportscars, Helicopters, Jets and all these
    things have element of danger in them.

    If i remember correct, if something (halal) is distracting you from Fard it could be haram (for you) and distracting from Wajib it could be Mukhrooh (for you) and
    Allah knows best,


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      In no case, it is not a haram to drive a motorbike as a hobby, man. Why would you think so? There are so many reasons that proof, driving a motorcycle is a great pass-time: Motorbike riding makes you look and feel cool and good, It can boost your overall well-being and health, It is a cost-effective means of transport, It helps you interact with numerous different individuals, Motorbike riding affords you a unique sense of freedom. So that is why I have recently ordered a motorbike and am waiting for it's shipping from Atlanta to Denver via


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        Originally posted by ahmedyounes View Post
        Especially if you're going high speeds (in a controlled environment). Isn't it too risky?

        When motorcycles go at very fast speeds such as 80 -100 mph they can flip over very easily and throw the driver off the motorcycle which will result most likely
        in severe bodily damage or even death.
        Assalamu Alaykom
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          Salaam dudes. Some people just shouldnt get on a bike. its not for everyone, or the faint hearted. With that said its one of the best hobbies out there. i frequent the race track and the road, been doing it 24 years. It feels like putting an ironman suit. :) stay safe out there inshallah.