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Disposing of things with "Allah" written on it

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  • Disposing of things with "Allah" written on it

    As-salamu alaikum. I have a question which has been dwelling in my mind and i am unable to find a answer to this question. Please help if you can.

    So we all know that anything with the words Allah written on it needs to be disposed of in the correct manner. But what if someone has the name Abdullah? When written in arabic or urdu/punjabi etc, the name Abdullah is written like this: عبد الله
    This name clearly has Allah written within the name. Does this mean that anything with this name on it now needs to be disposed of in the correct manner also or can it simply be thrown out? For example if i had a son called abdullah in saudi, would he have to restrict himself from writing his name on things that could end up in the bin? Would he have to take a name tag off anytime he needs to go to the toilet? Would he have to stop writing his name if he is unsure if it will remain in a clean place? I have tried searching for the answer to this question and i simply cant find a solid answer to it. Many people have a different answer to it. Some people say that you cant throw that name in the bin. Some people say that you can throw it in the bin because Abdullah is not the name of Allah. But still the fact remains that within the name Abdullah is the word Allah. Please help. Thank you