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I feel trapped in my own brain

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  • I feel trapped in my own brain

    I have been having an issue where i have been trying my best to motivate myself and push myself to do good but it's like I can't get my body to move. Instead what happens is that I find myself getting lost in my own thoughts. I start overexplaining things in my mind even if I already understand them. I feel really trapped. And I'm scared because i know that i am not trying hard enough to improve when I should be. When I do force myself to do something i start to feel extremely overwhelmed so I sometimes give up and go back in my head. What can I do to get out of my head? What should I do when I succeed to get out of my head but I start to get overwhelmed?

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    It's very difficult to step out of your comfort zone. It's always a much safer option to stay in the comfort of your thoughts because you can control what happens in your brain. The real world is too unpredictable. I've been down this road before and the only way I got out of it was by forcing myself to do things that seemed scary or things that I never wanted to do. It is really tough at first. For months even. But once you keep pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone and hold tight through the overwhelming feelings then eventually you won't feel scared or overwhelmed anymore. Even when you feel overwhelmed, try to push through the feeling. It's torture being trapped in your own brain and you won't realize how terrible it is until you stop letting your thoughts control your actions.


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      What you need to do:
      Relax, all you need to do is breathe. Just breathe in from your nose deep into your stomach, wait 3 seconds and exhale out through your mouth for 3 seconds.
      Just do this every time you feel overwhelmed.

      What happens to your body:
      What happens in stressful situations is you start to think deeply and overthink and start to panic.
      When you panic, your body goes into fight or flight and starts pumping your body with adrenaline which causes you your body to warm up/ sweat a little/ and you need to walk around.
      It's normal, you just need to breathe and allow your body to relax from the tension you put it in from overthinking.
      We instinctively, tense up and hold our breath which makes our body panic.

      Is it just you:
      As for overthinking, you need to understand that this happens to literally everyone. You are not alone, there thousands of people who go through this. Relax.

      What should you do in terms of motivation and thinking:
      We live in a world where everything is supposed to be fast paced, and everyone seems to be doing amazing whilst you're ding awful.
      From fb friends, who are graduating, getting married, have good jobs, going to the gym, to geniuses and movie stars who are living life whilst you are supposedly doing nothing but living a mediocre life whilst everyone else is having a good time, right ?

      WRONG !
      Like Islam says, this is the dunya and everything is an illusion.
      There's more people like me and you who living life 'normally' and doing things day by day than there is people who 'out there living life'.
      Trust me, on this.
      We are being pushed intentionally, to feel bad about ourselves so we can become consumers and continue you to pedal this depressive lifestyle.

      We are constantly told to 'work harder' and 'sleep less' and 'become succesful' and it's all a big fraud.
      And we're constantly pushed these big motivational speeches by platforms like yt, but it's simply not true.
      Success is hat you define as success.
      Money will not stop death, enjoy time. That's the most precious commodity, all aged billionaires will tell you the same.
      Be grateful for the things you do have.
      That same person you may be envious of, may not have a loving family or a healthy lifestyle or close friends or the glory of Islam.

      Relax, be healthy, pray your salah and trust in Allah.
      Concentrate on one thing at time.
      When you compare yourself to others, you compare yourself as an individual to a whole group of people.
      For instance, you compare your friend who is in shape from going to the gym, another friend who has graduated, another friend who recently bought a brand new car, and another friend who is married and moving on with life.
      You see, this is why comparison is false because you're comparing yourself as a individual to a whole bunch of people. So It's not true.
      Everyone does this, it's how social media works and how consumers get us to buy their crap like make up and draws full of clothes.

      Just relax, try the breathing technique, and do things one step at a time.
      There's no rush.

      Hope things get better, and trust in Allah.
      : D