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    I cannot stop thinking about death, not killing myself, just the whole idea of it. It is seriously affecting my sleep, my concentration and my life. I dont know why it has happened all of a sudden.its just appeared out of nowhere. I do not know what to do. i shall read someone has passed away, or i hear about it in the news etc and i just end up worrying so much about it. I spend extra time with my family and be extra close to them so much because of the thought of everyone dying. I believe in heaven and hell, and reassure myself that its a sign from Allah to remind me that we can leave anytime so carry on living a clean halal life, but even that right now is not helping and i end up panicking so much that i have to do something like clean or just go sit with my family members to have a conversation regarding something else to take my mind off I also started reading Quran recently , but even that is becoming hard to help take my mind of it.
    I cannot concentrate on anything else i dont feel like going to work as i will be thinking about what is happening at home i cannot concentrate on anything in a way i dont see a point in life anymore i just think of it in a way that it is all fake so what is the point in anything.
    Its come to a point i do not know what to do and really need help
    I cant even do anything cos of this stuff it just makes me feel like crying all the time cos my mind just keeps thinking about it.
    Its wierd even this has made me neglect wife and kid too and i just want to get past this and go back to normal but it isnt happening :(
    Making me regret everything in life getting married having a child everything

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    Yup that sounds like depression...


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      What does anybody suggest to do, i keep seeing the graves , my family dieing worries me loads too but most of all it doesnt go away


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        Originally posted by Hawwy View Post
        What does anybody suggest to do, i keep seeing the graves , my family dieing worries me loads too but most of all it doesnt go away
        Are you praying your 5 daily prayers? You need to stop all haram/forbidden things in islam, and come closer to Allah through reading Quran, making the sunnah prayers, and reading the authentic athkar (supplications). Make plenty of dua to Allah all the time, and just keep fighting, because this is definitely a test from Allah in-order to bring you closer to him (swt). So do not lose hope, god is most forgiving.


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          Yes im praying, am not doing haram thigs,


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            See this as a good sign because this will help you get closer to Allah swt and come to understanding that life is temp and we all will die so let us not get lost in lifes pleasures but focus on the here after.

            Live life happy but remember not get too lost and when family members die instead of you freaking out and falling into extreme depression, now you have the edge because it will develop in you and will not suddenly face any damages in longterm.

            Don't be afraid but embrace this and move on it will make you more of a wise and stronger person in life Insha Allah.

            the beginning phase will be hard as you get to grips with it but if you can understand and embrace it and make dua than patience and comfort will come.

            Insha Allah.


            May Allah swt make the matter easy for you and you are in our duas. S.a.w. Ameen.

            Jazak Allah Khair For All Your Duas.