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My talking tom - tom cat games on computer

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  • My talking tom - tom cat games on computer

    My Talking Tom for Windows 8 virtual cat games on your computer. Said Tom hilarious cat imitates people, how to react to the action that you interact with it, especially you can feed my cat Tom as a true by feeding, toileting, buy Shopping belongings and play fun mini-games. This is one of the applications ranked in the top 1 in 135 countries. And out of its hot virtually no sign of abating. Simply because the gameplay cats do not require complex operations, addictive and highly entertaining. Considered as one of the classic games of a smartphone, My Talking Tom have worked closely with many small, even the older players. But wait what is not adopted uncleTalking Tom Cat for themselves and care for the cat grows every day. Download My Talking Tom about the computer and play immediately. First you need to put a name to the cat Tom. Once formally adopted, the cat Tom to be well cared for by the employer. It will be very happy if you give it time to eat, play with it, take care of, pampered and see the cat Tom grows every day through hundreds of levels in the game. You can refer game Talking Tom My cat for other platforms Do not forget to choose and wear the costumes cat Tom preference and your style of fashion accessories shop full of rich and colorful for cats. Home for Cats by choice color, furniture for kitchen, restrooms, playgrounds, bedrooms. Specifically, you need to regularly play with a cat around. This is one of the important tasks cat Tom grow faster, happier and you can earn a lot of gold to buy the utensils, food add to my Tom. KEY FEATURES OF MY TALKING TOM GAME Playing with cat Tom 10 extremely attractive mini games and fun are waiting for you in this game. Because in addition to performing the basic duty of care, you also have the opportunity to play up to 10 mini-games including Memory Game (memory game), Whack-A-Mouse (rat dams game), Connect (Game Connection ), Flappy Tom (Tom cat game fly), etc. Play games and make more coins sisters! Camera and video Tom Cats know parody voices, it can even imitate the songs you both a long 2 minutes if you sing to it to hear the funniest voice you've ever seen. You can fully recorded and filmed the cat Tom and thanks cat Tom share your message to friends and family by posting video download My Talking Tom to Facebook or YouTube. Foster care and cat Tom on computer Like a real cat, My Tom knows sad when you 2 days to visit, also said not hungry when you forget to eat, and not be tired when bedtime. So in addition to playing games with the cat Tom, the cat eat the foods that love, do not forget to get enough sleep it off. Visit Talking Tom's friends and other players You can visit the apartment feline other players and see what their cat Tom. Find the treasure box set side their cat andopened the box to receive the reward . However, each time you open the box you will lose 5 cents gold, while the value of gifts is not fixed because you can get 1-3 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents or if luckier 50-100 did Release of 5000 gold coins. You bet? After visiting a virtual cat of players around the world, you can click the Like button if favorite cat offline. Emotions lifelike Tom can be happy, hungry, sleepy, bored, etc. Talking Tom My feelings will change as you play and act on it. Very creative Tom Cat beautiful, proving its owner must also have a certain aesthetic. Shaped Talking Tom style by choosing from over 1000 combinations costumes, utensils, skin. You absolutely can combine several styles for cats, cat Tom variable becomes feminine with unisex style or cooler to wear costumes in black enamel. Get rewarded as you progress in the game Cats and help it grow through 9 different stages and 999 levels , unlock new items as well as earn more coins as you go deeper in the game. Interacting with cat Tom Talk and Tom will repeat everything you it. Bald, tickling, touching the tail and see it react. My Talking Tom Only with a game that features cats Talking Tom but always received great acclaim from gamers in particular child and all those who love all kinds of game simulation. If you are an animal lover, especially cats, try feeding Tom on computer once and have more fun experience offline. You can refer to the cat game My Talking Angela for Widows 8 Please note, you can download Windows 8 My Talking Tom for free on your computer to play. But the game also contains a number of features with real money buying (eg buy more coins). You can consider buying the game, but if they work hard and often take good care of the cat, you absolutely can earn enough money to buy items and other belongings. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE APPLICATION Is the promotion of Outfit7 publisher and the ad content Links to websites and other applications of Outfit7 Personal content to attract players to the game The ability to connect with friends through social networks See video of Outfit 7 characters through integrated YouTube Shopping Options The items have different prices are available for purchase with virtual money, depending on the current level that players gain Alternatives to access all features of the app without having to purchase See more: beetalk 1.3.1 ios
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    My mom likes this game