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Debt returned years later

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  • Debt returned years later

    LOL check this, years ago i use to live alone, had an apartment up in west central, my friend use to stay with me most of the time, am one of those ppl, whose described as a peoples people. My local newsagent owner was good to me, and so was the fast food restaurant owners:D

    where ever i went i was loved, so when ever am in trouble ppl step up. I proved this using the loopholes i went thru inorder to get my house. (which i no longer have, its true what islam says what goes up will come down:( )


    if ever broke, i would do is collect from the store all the things i needed, if i didnt put money down they didnt ask, because they knew i would bring it the next day when i had some.

    the restaurant bros were just so good to me.
    i remember one specific day, i woke up broke and hungry, my friend was asleep so i popped out, i came back with everything we needed. the most important being a feast fit for a king. lol this girl use to love me so much because she would be facinated by how i could just get out of any situation i find myself in. (Its all from Allah)

    what happened now, i planned to pay these bros, but a day later left, ended up staying at my mums for a bit. cut a long story short i moved back to south london, i still planned to pay, but when ever i went 2 to the shop timing was bad, it would b closed. i knew the bros trusted me and would never think lol she did a runner. so i wasnt trippin.

    i ended up moving out, walahi its so sad, but 4 years passed.
    the debt was just a tenner. i always had it, but timing wasnt always great.i would come to the area but never had time 2 go and pay, so basicaly i procrastinated for years.

    last week, i realised Allah was giving me chance after chance to pay. tho i intended to, i got the reality check that i could die any min.

    so i went there (tho the nite b4 i had no sleep)
    so much has changed now, i couldnt find the bro that knew abt the debt.
    so i explained it to the other guy. this kafir was standing next to me and seemed amazed lol at my story heres what i said

    "Long ago, i use to live round the corner from this place, a good bro who worked here i once a upon a time took food from, i owe the shop 10 pounds, and would like 2 give it 2 u today, tell ur boss am sorry"

    the asian bro, said dont worry abt it sis, keep ur money, i said no take it
    he said no lol i got agitated, i said listen this isnt charity, i owe this money to the shop not u. so just put it in the till.

    the kafir boy is looking on surprised.
    the asian bro thought it was strange that i remembered such a small debt, but admired it at the same time, in the end he took the money.

    i looked around the place, it reminded me of my father. we use to love their food, so for old times sake i decided to get what we use to eat.

    the asian bro made me laugh, he took the money for the food (it was a 10 pound note)
    only he ended up not charging me but rather gave me back my money in change. lool what was he playing at?

    I came back to that place for 3 reasons

    2) Kindness, i never take it for granted
    3) My father loved those boys.

    if u have a debt 2 pay try not 2 leave it of. walahi u have no idea on which land and in which time u will die.
    " Whoever abandones jihad in order to be safe from fitnah, then he has already fallen into fitnah that is a result of doubts in his heart, sickness of his mind and his abandoning jihad that Allah ordered him!" Ibn Taymeeyah r/a


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