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Janazah - Looking In From The Outside

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  • Janazah - Looking In From The Outside

    Something that was found in a email...kinda deep:(

    Assalamu Alaikum Brothers & Sisters,

    Please have a read at the e-mail below. Let me assure you that this
    e-mail is not one of those that has been forwarded onto millions and no one know the source.

    This e-mail was written last week (26/10/06) by a brother in Blackburn
    to one
    of our Mufti's in Blackburn.....below is the conversation between the two,
    (names have been taken out to safeguard their identity). This is his own
    personal account after going to a burial. Read and ponder on wat he has
    written. Look at the effect/thoughts that have entered his mind and it made him just sit down in front of a PC and write the
    e-mail below.

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Yesterday, I stood in the rain in pleasington to bury the father of a
    boy studying at Darululoom and a girl at TIGHS. Appropriately grey clouds littered the distant sky, the rain was falling in soft and merciful patter, the mud underneath my soles increasingly damp and clinging. I was struck by the haste of the 100-or-so congregation of men and boys to bury, the efficiency of process, little pause to reflect. There were no eulogies and great speeches, no great dramas, pageantry nor sermons at the pulpit...just silent prayer, the faint and silent breathing of a crying and shaking son barely noticeable.

    They carried his body, ravaged and limp no doubt from the ravenous
    cancer that had taken such devastating hold. Then it was removed from the flimsy casket and lowered into a claustrophobic hole in the ground...some planks of wood and then a deluge of soil and mud...such haste...such haste. I remember thinking...this whole process took 20 minutes...from Salaah to the final prayer; where is the ceremony, how come a man's life ends and then he goes underfoot and is forgotten so quickly. There were more prayers for us than for the deceased man from the Imam...appropriate really as our need and chance is greater than his.

    Such a burial...his family so patient and steadfast...his young son so
    courageous as he lowered himself into the grave to ensure his father was
    lying in the correct manner to receive the angels from the Lord.

    This man lived in his latter days as he had died and been buried...with
    dignity and courage. His final advice to his children, on whom he had
    spent thousands of pounds and hours and sweat in educating on Islam (both his sons and daughters) was as follows:

    'Do not cry for me...for I am ready and at peace with my impending
    death. I am ready...knowing that I have prepared you for life and the Hereafter.'
    I fear that our time will come...quicker than we hope or expect. That,
    as we
    run away from our grave destiny, it will envelope and overcome us in a
    manner that makes a mockery of our life chasing pleasures, ambition and
    whims. For as we run towards the light and glory of ever-expanding dreams, the darkness of the grave is calling faint whispers for now, but soon
    physically wrenching us from our great audiences and fame.

    As I left the graveyard, I scanned the humanity that was laid to rest
    there...and asked the questions that all of us were asking ourselves, but
    no-one dare say out loud...when will I have to be in here? Am I ready to
    meet my destiny? Am I prepared?

    Please pray for us...that we leave a legacy for good for our
    time...that we are
    prepared for our time.

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    Re: Janazah - Looking In From The Outside

    :( Woah.... Jazakallah bro for that. Makes you think...


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      Re: Janazah - Looking In From The Outside

      Jezekelah khayr.

      SubhanaAllah,this is what we should ask ourselves everyday "Am I prepared"?

      Death is a step closer everyday we wake up to breathe, its so easy to think that you'll make it to tonight, when infact no one knows, and death will not give us any heads up or any warnings, our warnings came with us the day we were born, we were born to die. To return to our lord, back to earth where it all began.

      May Allah subhana wa'ta'ala make us realise that we're not here to stay, may Allah (swt) give us the reasoning and intelligence, to work for the hereafter, this world is a fleeing shadow.:(

      It'll perish and everything in it, it will be us who'll be raised up again to answer for our being and deeds. So he/she who has any reasoning will not be fooled by this world.

      Ya rab, Don't make us of the losers in the hereafter, ameeen
      "It is He who sent to an illiterate people a messenger from amongst themselves, reciting to them His signs and purifying them and teaching them the Book and the wisdom even though before they were clearly in error." [Soorah al-Jumu`ah (62):2]


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        Re: Janazah - Looking In From The Outside



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          Re: Janazah - Looking In From The Outside



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            Re: Janazah - Looking In From The Outside

            :( :jkk: for sharing, that is..just....ya, definitely not ready :(
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