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travelling-trip of a lifetime

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  • travelling-trip of a lifetime

    Hey guys

    its been ages since i was here- and i'm not really sure where to post this but i've taken a yr off medical school and want to work a bit but spend most of the yr travelling- but i'm quite aware of the dangers of travelling by myself and everyone i know is either working or at university.
    i'm not a touristy type of person and would like to go beyond the "beaten track" & learn a lot i.e. follow the route of the spread of islam or visit cambodia, laos, vietnam, south korea, japan, malaysia, fiji & the pacific islands and new zealand etc- maybe do a bit of volunteering t ohelp me experience medicine abroad (but i may not do this as i get to go abroad for 6 weeks to do this as part of my curriculum in medicine) -but as a single girl and muslim to boot- i realise this has its limitations.
    I would never usually do this- but its important- if you or anyone you know has plans to travel and ur lookng for someone to go with please pm me.- you have to be female and live in th u.k.
    i realise that there are a lot of weirdos in this world esp on the internet- so i'm not going to run off with just anyone- nor do i plan to get married just to please my travelling desires and then divorce them after i go back to medical school! (see i have thought of the possibilities!)
    any advice as how to get past this point would very much be appriciated- as i don't want to anger Allah by going against His laws- so i need to know what to do- because i really would like to do this and have a great time (..she adds selfishly!)

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    Re: travelling-trip of a lifetime

    as salam alykom dear Sophia or should I say Dr. Sohpia

    Hope you read my post and reply. And I hope you are doing well, completed your medicine studies or travelled abroad.
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