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Boy trouble?

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  • Boy trouble?

    lets say .. this MUSLIM girl likes this MUSLIM boy .. in their teens ...

    hmm .. any advice of how they should deal with this? as a muslm
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    Re: Boy trouble?

    well it depends what the situation is. how they came to like the opposite person. it equals out to be lust some of the time. in my opinion most of the time. ppl dont jump on me. but barakah lies in that marriage where haram did not happen.
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      Re: Boy trouble?

      Sometimes maybe they can not help if they like someone of the opposite sex, but the Muslim way is that you don't act upon those feelings unless by getting married. Maybe these teens are not at the stage of marriage or maybe it is just a "crush" and not seriously liking the person with intention of marriage, thats the impression I get from ur question? Anyway in that case definately best not to let the person know that she had any feeling or liking for him insha allah as that can only cause fitna :S Insha allah as a muslim she wont be chattin or interacting with guys anyway so she would hav jst noticed him and likes him based on looks or what she noticed from his behaviour or heard about him I guess? As its Ramadan now alhamdulillah it should be a good time for this problem 2 lessen anyway bc of fasting, which should lessen the interest in this kind of thing? But when she sees the guy just lower the gaze and keep ur head down and keep on walking past, busy herself with something else like doing activities with the sisters, reading quran and all sorts. It should pass after a while these crushes are sometimes common amonsgt teenagers. If after a long time she found shes still liking the guy, and thinks marriage is something viable and possible then good idea approach her parents to talk about that inshaallah but I dont know what teen-age you mean like if its 13 or 19... so the upper end of the age range marriage is a def possibility but if they are like 14, just keep the gaze down n it will pass ia :p
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