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  • Fears!

    I am suffering from few thoughts / fears whihc pinch me badly.... Like

    1. Lot of thoughts are always running in my mind... What happened in past... small business/office mistakes i did. This causes stress in my mind!

    2. Worried what will happen in future. I am left behinde in camparison with other people in term of rank / business / security?

    3. If i try to do some thing new in job/bizness... I feel risk in that.... That if i ll not be able to make it ... (I will becoem destroy)... This takes opportunities away from me....

    4. I ve lost littel confidence in taking decisions... I think that what decision i took in past were wrong... this is taking my boldness away!..

    Please advice me dua so that i get all my confidence back and gives me strength and power to go through all difficulties of life with full faith!

    I ll be thankful to u!
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    Re: Fears!

    put MORE trust in Allah (swt) (read my signature)

    read the Quran more, seriously seriously read it. it should help put things in perspective for you and get you over some of that worry