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Tuna recipes

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    Re: Tuna recipes

    Originally posted by aynina View Post
    Greek pasta (looks like rice but its pasta)
    You can do any other pasta but greek is nice with this
    Its cold btw

    Some boiled eggs chopped into pieces
    Chopped tomato
    Chopped chive
    Pepper salt

    also u can just make some tuna salad for ur sandwich
    Tuna, onion, pepper salt, something green, mayonnaise or samurai sauce.
    Nice :up: keep em coming


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      Re: Tuna recipes

      Before I gave up gluten, I used to make my own white sauce for tuna pasta bakes and it was yummy and it's done like this:

      - In a pan, you put in 25g butter, let it melt, then add a tablespoon of flour and stir for a minute so it all combines, then you gradually whisk in a little milk at a time until it has the consistency of custard, stir in a little salt and that's a white sauce. Then you toss in cooked pasta (my family prefer tagliatelle), a small tin of tuna, mix it together, dump it all into an ovenproof dish, sprinkle some mature cheddar on top and then either grill it or bake at a high temperature until the cheese lightly browns and it's a great comfort food

      The other thing I do with tinned tuna is put it in sandwiches; either a tuna melt toasted sandwich which contains tuna, mature cheddar, cream cheese, salt and pepper then whilst it's toasting, the cheese melts in the middle. The other sandwich I make is with untoasted bread; cream cheese, chopped cucumber, tuna and a little cheddar. I don't like sweetcorn cos' it doesn't suit me but some people like that in a tuna melt. I don't like mayonnaise which is why I prefer to use cream cheese.

      One other thing I do with tinned tuna is mix it in mashed potato and make it into fishcakes. You could panne it (ie dip in flour, egg and breadcrumbs before shallow frying) but as I eat it gluten free, I mix arrowroot powder into the mash so that it cooks with a crispy edge when I shallow fry it. Ratio: one small tuna tin to one medium baking potato... add seasonings, arrowroot powder, mix together and shallow fry small patties of it. Serve with ketchup. I've never added this myself (though think I should) but I also suggest adding finely chopped parsley to the mix before frying.

      I've never tried fresh tuna before though I've been curious about trying a tuna nicoise salad.

      Originally posted by sister_82 View Post
      I used to make tomatoes and tuna pasta, mayo, sweetcorn and tuna pasta (cold pasta), i know some guys eat tuna raw with rice to ;bulk up' or something which sounds gross to me
      Don't knock it till you've tried it. I thought it sounded gross too until a Turkish friend made it for me for lunch; simply cooked rice, some lettuce and a small tin of tuna and it didn't taste bad actually (and I'm a picky eater so I don't easily like new things)
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        Re: Tuna recipes

        You can make a pasta salad with tuna yumm



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