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RAW Honey & Bee Pollen

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  • RAW Honey & Bee Pollen

    Assalamualaiku wah rahmatullahi wah barakatuhu

    hey peeps so i know some of you are into raw honey but i was wondering how many of you have tried bee pollen?

    This bee pollen is supposed to be amazing classed as like a 'superfood' due to its nutritional content subhanAllah

    Got some the other day alongside with some RAW Honey as i needed some more

    Been wanting to buy this bee pollen for so long so got a chnace and snapped it up Alhamdulillah Allahumma Bareek

    Best way to describe the taste of the bee pollen is probably exactly like how some youtuber said and he called it earthy, so i sort of agree with that tbf

    This is the RAW Honey and Bee Pollen i got Alhamdulillah Allahumma Bareek 💯🔥👍

    Please make dua Allah swt uses it as a means to grant me shifa Ameen
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    Hope it works for you. Didi's ex husband used to take bee pollen for his hayfever. Can't remember whether it helped much though. I've been wondering whether to try Royal Jelly as that's meant to be a bee made product that's good for health too, though never tried it so don't know what to expect.
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