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My friend is healing MS/Autoimmune with diet

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  • My friend is healing MS/Autoimmune with diet

    Assalamu Alaykum,

    I have a friend who has recently managed to take her first steps after 17 years in a wheelchair due to MS and thought I'd share her experience in case it benefits others on here.

    She is in her 40s and tried a lot of things, but kept losing use of her muscles until she was in a state where she could not even sit up in bed if someone didn't pull her up. She was also slowly starting to lose use of one arm alongside her legs.

    Aprox. 4 months ago she started on a complex carbohydrate free diet also known as specific carbohydrate diet. She removed some of the foods that are allowed on that diet that are known to cause allergies (including eggs and nuts) as well as the foods that the diet recommends not be consumed until the 6 month mark.

    This is what she was eating: all fruit, and veg except sweet potatoes and potatoes.
    Meat, chicken and lots of fish. Dates and dried figs. She's also drinking lots of natural mineral water to get all the salts her body needs.

    She stuck to the diet very strictly and for the first 2 months saw no improvement. Then in Ramadan, exactly 2 months after starting the diet she found she could sit up in bed on her own. Soon after that she found the strength to push up and stand on both legs and remain standing for some time. The last I heard she is taking steps with a walking stick. And can pray on the floor Alhamdulillah. It has only been 4 months.

    Obviously the diet is not easy but she tells me she has green smoothies with banana to sweeten them for breakfast and those give her lots of energy for the morning. I should mention here that banana needs to be very ripe with black spots on the skin, as before this stage, the banana does contain starch but as it ripens it converts.

    ​​​​​​​I highly recommend anyone who has any type of digestive or autoimmune disease give the diet a go for a few months to see if it might help. My daughter had a positive ANA for lupus and many symptoms that go with that condition and now 1 year on the diet, Alhamdulillah she feels 100% with zero symptoms. My son had IBS and he has also come around 180 degrees after the diet. Lots of people with other autoimmune diseases including crohn's and ulcerative colitis cure their condition using the diet. I will provide links to sites that explain more about the diet, but for those with MS I would recommend you follow the above sister's protocol and avoid eggs and nuts in the early months.

    You can read reviews from others who succeeded on the diet there. Just go to reviews.

    And the following is a list of all the legal/illegal foods. Note that the lentils and beans which are allowed must be soaked overnight and washed before cooking with and can only be introduced many months into the diet. The lady with MS did not use beans or lentils in her protocol.
    If anyone wants more information or just wants to ask anything related to all of this, pls feel free to do so.

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    Wa alaykumus salam

    I can testify to these methods alhamdulillah. I had a dehabilitating level of autoimmune disease and used similar methods to heal myself. Ofcourse the shifa is from Allah


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      That is great to read.

      It's so true that our illnesses stem from what we put in our body.

      We put so much stuff in which is not natural, modified etc. and there is simply not enough research to state how this food will affect us.


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        Walaykum salam,

        That sounds really good. When you mention that she saw improvements in her condition during Ramadan: does that mean she was fasting as well or not? I know there are health benefits to fasting as well and I'm wondering whether that was a contributory factor or not.

        Maybe I sound fussy but I can't imagine being on a diet like that. I feel I need my carbs too much. My problem is that I have a ton of other food intolerances as well so that would complicate things. I have food intolerance reactions to most fruits (all but 3), several vegetables, nuts, eggs, oats, beans, pulses and a bunch of other stuff. I like potatoes and rice too much. I'm on a very different type of restricted diet in which I cut out a bunch of stuff that I tend to have problems with. I suspect I'd have fewer problems if I gave up dairy as well, but I wouldn't know what to eat half the time if I did that. My family love food too much to give stuff up and it was hard enough giving that much up let alone cutting out more.

        I know a local woman who died of MS some years ago- her daughter used to be in my class at school.
        The Lyme Disease pandemic:


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          I thought the same thing about fasting contributing to her healing Neelu. I have read the accounts of others on similar diets who didn't see improvement until almost a year later. This sister however, saw results immediately. And it was mid Ramadan that she felt strength come back to her limbs, so after 2 weeks of fasting. She has fasted many Ramadans in the past, so I think it was a combination of removing all those foods that were causing inflammation as well as the fasting giving the body a break and a chance to heal quickly.

          In regards to your intolerances, the diet proposes that these are caused by the complex carbs inability to be digesed by some individuals so they ferment in the gut and cause bacteria to grow and inflammation. The scientist who introduced the diet claims that after some time away from these foods the gut will heal and intolerances will no longer be an issues. This was true with my daughter. She had Egg, gluten, nut and cinnamon allergies. A few months after starting the diet she was able to eat nuts and cinnamon with no reactions and she eats a lot of nuts because we use them as a flour in the diet. The egg she was still reacting to for over 8 months into the diet, but over the last 3 months she has been able to eat them with zero reactions. And she has at least 2 eggs a day now with no issues. So with time, there is improvement. But I agree it would be very difficult if you had all your intolerances. I pray that Allah gives you shifa.

          According to the author, young children, even Celiacs heal very quickly and can go back to eating grains and everything else within a year or so on the diet. However, older people it takes longer and they may find themselves on the diet long term to control all their symptoms. My friend had gotten to the stage where she needed help to use the toilet and so she was so desperate and willing to do anything to heal.