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Rice Pudding

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    Originally posted by Umm Uthmaan
    Im craving rice pudding now
    I'm go to your local india restaurant they might do it, obviously that's if it's open with covid and all 👍


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      Originally posted by Simply_Logical View Post

      Lol sister neelu you crack me up, think youve been watching too much star plus lool 😂

      Lol @ hum masala, my mum watches that channel! she used to be hooked when it first came on sky lol 😆

      My mum always goes on about some lady (chubby memon one) on him masal apparently she's a really good cook

      I always wind my mum up, she lurves watching these cooking shows but she hardly, yessss hardly makes anything she watches, I'm.always like mummmmm why you watching if you're not going to make it loool 😂

      In regards to desi sweet dishes I do love the Hajar halwa, not just saying it but the Hajar halwa at my wedding was damn good Alhamdulillah Allahumma Bareek 💯😍🔥
      It's true, I do watch too much trash on tv. I'll admit I also watch a lot of food programmes but almost never cook what they show. Back when I was well enough to cook, I sometimes cooked some of the recipes I saw on tv, but now I'm not well enough and even if I was, I can't eat stuff that contains wheat flour or a lot of other ingredients that are normally featured on tv. Yet somehow I still find the food shows entertaining and interesting to watch. I'm not sure who the chubby memon chef is on that channel. I've no idea which of the presenters are memon, but there are two chubby women who present on there. One is quite young, most likely younger than me, she's called Wajeeha Tariq, she's a Lahori and usually features traditional Punjabi dishes so I watch that sometimes. The other chubby woman more like an old grandma called Shireen. I don't like her.

      I prefer to watch the traditional dishes and I don't like the presenters who keep using bad English or those who try too hard to make too many Western or other foreign dishes- it's like they've forgotten who they are and they don't even do a very good or authentic job of it- on top of that it's usually unhealthy. At least Zarnak Sidwa does more western baking dishes like choux pastry or brownies but she actually does it well and knows what she's doing. When you get people trying to do a bad imitation it's embarrassing- stick to the stuff you're best at. Also I really dislike the obvious product placements which is the channel's way of promoting processed foods, buying ready made pizzas etc and it becomes like a status symbol over there that young people think our traditional foods are for poor illiterate and backward people but they're the cool kids who eat pizza and burgers. Ironically pizza and pasta were the peasant foods that the poor people ate in Italy- the equivalent of what roti and paratha means to us.

      So there are only a couple of programmes I like on there. These days Lubna Azhar is on with South Asian Cuisine- that does good traditional foods and her language isn't as bad as the others except for when she says "BOWEL" because no one on the channel ever says "pyaali" so they just mispronounce "bowl" like that... a prime example of their screwing around with the language. I was born and raised in England, they should be using better Urdu vocabulary than me.
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        Have you tried the rachel's brand?

        The coconut one is nice and creamy
        I'm not a big rice pudding eater
        the likes of firni and all, they're just not my type you know

        I don't go crazy about it

        the last rice pudding I had was a few years ago

        Rice pudding is easy to make.
        -double fat milk (blue top or whatever it is called, I don't drink full fat)
        -cardamom (optional) or whatever flavouring you want, you can add vanilla but I prefer simple rice pudding

        Cook it all together and voila

        If you don't know how to make rice on it's own then please learn that first, it's an important skill

        SSorry, might be the worst recipe share

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