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Solution to urine dribbling problem?

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  • Solution to urine dribbling problem?

    Assalamu Alaikum Everybody!

    I just joined the forum.

    I wanted to join since very long, because I think that I can learn a lot from people in the forum but I was hesitating.

    I am a firm believer, Alhamdulillah!! I was a mostly non-practising muslim previously, who only prays and fasts during Ramadan and also prays for Jummah. But with time, I became a much more practising muslim. Now I pray 5 times per day, fasts nafl etc. There has been a lot of progress. And I am very happy about it.

    But I want to improve, because I think that there is room for improvement.

    I have a problem since around 5 years ago.

    I get urine dribbling when I get some strong emotions such as fear etc. It is a very minor drop of urine which comes out. Sometimes, I even get the dribbling when I do not have a strong emotion. But generally speaking, out of 10 times I get the dribbling, 7 times are due to strong emotions and the remaining 3 times occur for no apparent reason. It is very irritating even though it is a minor drop. According to Scholars, you can use a tissue to prevent the urine from coming into contact with your underwear and it does not break your wudu in such case. But you have to re-do your wudu for each Azaan.

    I know about all that. But still, when this happens, I get annoyed and I feel very very unhappy, even though, according to Hadith, my wudu is not broken. I have the feeling that my salaats and duas are not accepted at all. And I lose the motivation to pray and ask duas. I feel that I am wasting my time and energy!

    Some people will tell me that this is waswas and I should ignore it, because Hadith clearly tells you that in case of a disability, if you use a tissue, even if dribbling occurs, wudu is not broken. But I am still unhappy with this situation.

    Does anyone know a good solution to prevent the urine (a minute amount in my case) from actually dribbling? I would be much happier and I would have more motivation to offer salaat etc since no urine is actually coming out of my body!!

    Can I put some sort of cotton inside? Or does somebody know any good solution which actually prevents the urine from coming out. Does anyone here have a similar problem and can you propose a good solution from your experience?

    Please help me. I will really appreciate it!!

    Jazakallah Khair

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    Assalamo alaikum

    Did you seek medical help?  That would be the first step.  There are different types of medication to try to control this type of thing.


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      Walaykum salam,

      Speak to your doctor about this.  Urinary problems could be a symptom of kidney damage so it's worth finding out to be sure and to get it treated.  This should not affect your iman or your practising of the prayers etc- your friends are right that this insecurity you feel about it comes from waswasa.  You might also benefit from ruqya which is a way of seeking Allah's (swt) protection from shaytan through recitation, dhikr and worship.  

      I can understand your feelings because I suffer from health problems too which affected my salah.  Early on, I had digestion problems which caused a lot of stomach gas so I kept breaking my wudhu and having to repeat it which was very frustrating.  If you break your wudhu only once or twice a day then you can repeat it, but if it is more regular than that, then I suggest that you speak to a sheikh as to whether it counts as an illness or disability for which the rules are a little more flexible on such matters.
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        Assalamu Walaikum!

        Hi, you're not alone. It happens to almost all the guys I know, including myself.

        Three things I've tried which works.

        Number 1 after you've finished in the bathroom put some tissue in the affected area before washing and take a few steps maybe 20. You can just walk on the spot, this should dispel any remaining urine.

        Number 2 be careful with waswas because unless you are absolutely certain in some/most cases it could be waswas.

        Read this article for more information:
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          Wa-Alaikum Salaam

          if you have consulted a doctor and you have been cleared of any illness than perhaps its not evening happening and shaytaan is making salaat difficut for you in this hope that you will discard it.

          read up on the sunnat process of istibra it's normal to have a "second urine" which must be cleared up whilst in the loo by pressing the left over urine out gently etc.

          you must also cough and maybe stand squat a few time this will send out the left over urine.

          Once you are cleared of a medical issue and you have cleared the access urine I suggest you leave it at that.


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            Start doing kegel exercises.


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              I don't think anyone has suggested this yet, but there's a strong garlic supplement called allicinmax and it can help alleviate urinary tract infections.  One of the symptoms of a urine infection is that whereas a normal person might feel a bit of a need to urinate but can hold it in for 15 minutes if someone else is in the bathroom, a person with an infection is more often going to feel a very sudden sense of urgency to go to the bathroom at the last minute without much warning.  So slightly abnormal and unusual urination routine can be a symptom of that sort of thing and this supplement can help with that if that is the cause of your problem.  Do not take allicinmax if you have a sulphur allergy.  If you don't have any adverse reaction then try one pill a day for ten days and see if it makes any difference.  

              It's quite strong and garlic has a warming effect on the body, so you should eat and drink more cooling food and drink, perhaps by having and extra glass or two of water per day and eat some raita (a bowl of yogurt with chopped cucumber) or that sort of thing to help balance the effects of it.  I am not a doctor or medical expert, so this is not medical advice, just relaying some anecdotal experiences and it's up to you whether you want to try it or not.
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