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Preserving Food and other Tips

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  • Preserving Food and other Tips

    If you have any food tips that may help people then post them, in sha Allah. It may help those who are new in the kitchen/to cooking or they've not heard of a certain method before.


    This helps to preserve curry, even for a few days so you can curry on eating it.... good joke right. :P
    Either cook it and refrigerate it soon after while it's fresh.
    Or make sure you re-heat it to bubbling hot point.

    Say you cooked it in the day then re-heat it in the night, and it should be fine for the next day, in sha Allah. This helps on normal/warm/hot days. On freezing days you may get away with not re-heating at night, but will have to soon the next day (morning).

    This works on curries that are not dry. If your curry is dry or getting dry then add a little water (if you think it won't spoil it) just to help with getting it to boiling/bubbling temperature and so it doesn't burn/stick to the pan.


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    Make round roti:
    - roll out your dough blob.
    - get a pan lid (you could use a plate but you'll also need a knife but with the lid you may manage without needing a knife)
    - place lid on dough and press thus cutting your dough into perfect rounds!

    By the way it's not too hard to roll round roti after practising/experience. Using the lid makes them look (extra) neat.



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      Shallow fry samosas just to make them a little golden/browned/crisp. I think they're better like this as opposed to deep fried. In the oven they can go hard. By shallow fry I mean maybe a tablespoon of oil. Not much.



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        - Cover potatoes from sunlight/light or they can go green.

        - Turn your fruit/veg. If you won't be eating them for a few days (after buying) then move them about a bit from their place. Some fruit/veg, if they sit in one place for some time they start to rot, e.g. on the side they are sitting on.