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    Originally posted by neelu View Post
    Jal Muri is a snack that consists of a mix of things that look like daal sev or Bombay mix type stuff and then that's mixed with some fresh ingredients such as finely chopped onion and chilli and mixed together. I don't know what Bhel Puri is.

    Btw, even though it's a cold food, I didn't suggest Dahi bhallay cos' it's got dairy and you'd find it hard to keep it fresh for so long.


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      I think Jal Muri is a Bengali thing. Thanks for the links zizou. I'd forgotten that they add puffed rice to these things until I checked google images.
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        Originally posted by Indefinable View Post

        Ohh. Is it tasty. Crunch savoury Bombay Mix with fresh ingredients...? Is it a Pakistani dish or Bengali. I've not heard of it before.
        yup very tasty. Mix it with rice puff & mustard oil + Bombay Mix + fresh onion/cilantro/chilly/tomato. Jal Muri is Bangali dish popular in Kolkata and Bangladesh
        Bhel puri is Indian dish, very similar but Instead of mustard oil, this uses chutney (tamarind and mint) & pre-pack box is available in store with the mix + chutney.

        Thanks for the suggestions. Now I just need to find people who are willing to do the prep work or keep it simple and serve 3 items & let everyone know they are free to bring anything they like


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          Don't say people can bring what they like- otherwise you might get ten tubs of the same thing or 10 bottles of coke and not much else. It needs to be organised to the extent that you ensure they don't do something like that.
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            Now I'm hungry
            Il probably go home and find some boring curry while this nice food is being described


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              What Do you Think about the Biryani Or Karahi..?


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                I presume you would've had the picnic by now. So what did you decide to do in the end?

                Originally posted by Kya View Post
                I am trying to organize a family picnic again. I don't know why I put myself thru the torture cuz my extended family gives me a headache But I do it every year. We typically do hotdogs, burgers, buy a tray of biryani & Tandoori. But I would like to have little bit more variety, so any suggestions will be helpful. Also if you can suggest things people can buy but will stay good in warm weather & people will like them. Because I have been pushing to get every family to bring a sides while my bro and I provide the main dish. but so many resist (lazy young ones) & would rather pay. But how much can I possible charge without seeing like I am taking advantage of it. I would like options of home made and store brought picnic items
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                • Kya
                  Kya commented
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                  No we ended up moving the date to after Eid because there was a wedding invitation my parents had to go to. Instead all the cousins ended up going camping for first time. I still have mosquito bites.

                  But I spoke to my family and most of the aunts happily accepted making side dish. I left it to them on what they bring. Last I heard, one aunt is bringing kala chana, another is brining piaji (hopefully that doesn't spoil), another aunt is bringing this flower shape deep fried pitha and another person is in charge of bringing chopped onions and cilantro to make jal muri.

                  We will still have hot dog/burger and biryani and salad. Rest of the guest (cousins) will be asked to bring water/soda because we need lots of water. I will post after it happens unless it gets moved again.

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                So I finally had the family picnic this weekend. Alhamdulilah it went well. The more we do it, the more organize we are getting. And the less I involve certain people, the less dramatic it is. We try to keep it simple. We still had several last minute no-shows. We had 29 people instead of ~45 people I was expecting but oh well. The place we choose had boat rental, so we spent lot of time riding boat/kayak/canoe/paddle boats. These activities moved people away from food and away from each other & really made it enjoyable but different from normal picnic. Many of us, including me, never been in kayak. so exciting

                Chicken Tikka Biyrani - full tray (I paid for it), all gone by end of day. Although lamb biryani might be more filling next time.
                Salad - half tray (I made it in morning because I need salad even thought most of my family think my obsession of salad is weird)
                Kala Chana - half tray (my aunt was suppose to make it, she volunteered for it but night before she called in to say she wasn't coming. So my mom and SIL ended up making it. Many of us think she bailed out because she doesn't want to make the side. Then don't volunteer. But I liked the Chana & its easy dish to make: good protein)
                Piaji - half try (another aunt made it. It was a lot of work between cutting, mixing and frying all before noon. She seemed bit frustrated & tbh it didn't go very well. Oily fried food in hot summer didn't taste very appealing to me. It was nice finger food but I don't think its worth it). Not sure how others felt
                Shaj pita - small container (another deep fry dish, funnel cake type but sweet like pancake batter. I had this in past and loved it but apparently that aunty ran out of flour and used wheat which made it soft and soggy instead of crunchy for days. It wasn't very good. My mom thinks the aunt messed up on purpose so no one ask her to make things again. WHAT KIND OF FAMILY DO I HAVE. slackers).. Again not fan of fried food in picnic
                Jaal Muri - Pre chopped onion, pepper, coriander, lemon + oil/muri/chanachur + left over Kala Chana mixed together. I still love it. Its a love/hate dish in my family. The family who was in charge of this (everything except kala chana) had a last minute emergency and could not come but they sent the father with all the ingredients so everyone is not screwed because of their emergency. I really appreciate that & in future I know I can count on them.
                Hot Dogs - my brother decided to skip on burger and just get extra hot dog because everyone can eat it easily. My cousins grilled some hot dogs before rest of the family got there. When everyone got there, we had jaal muri and side dish. Then we went for boating & came back to eat biryani. Everyone was too full after sides/biryani, no one wanted hot dogs. So 90% of the hotdogs sat in the cooler. Also my bhabi and bro are always the last to show up to everything. They sent the hot dogs/buns with my sister but they forgot to send condiments. Next time, I need to give my sister the hot dog responsibility & just have my brother pay for it. They don't even follow desi standard time, they are worst
                Chips - a solo family member was assigned chips. He got the individual pack chips which made it easy for everyone to grab and go vs. in previous years we had big bag of chips for everyone to share. Not many people ate from that. My BIL brought extra chips but they weren't opened
                Drinks/Water - split the Soda between 2 cousins who were not making any side dish. They did good job. Split water cost between the boys (young 20 something cousins). worked perfect. We also had big 15lb water tank as back up, it gave me comfort knowing we had backup water but it wasn't used. I still had to buy ice for my cooler and my BIL always brings extra drinks/chips/water even when he is not assigned to do any of that.

                Now that summer is cooler, we needed less water than previous picnic. We also had a location that was under tree the entire time vs. previous year when we couldn't find anything but open field because we are always late. Also going for water activity moved people way from food and made it less food focus. So we had no food shortage. Had everyone showed up, the biryani might not have been enough but then we might have grilled the hotdogs & that could have covered for it. Overall not bad, will continue next year


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                  Wow. Sounds like a success Ma Sha Allaah. It's nice everyone pitched in. Don't know what half of those dishes are ... but they sound good.

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                Sounds like it went quite well. I think it's fairly typical in big desi families to be unsure of the numbers cos' people turn up or drop out last minute but it's good that you were organised enough to have the bases covered. Didi once said to me; notice how when we have dinner gatherings, everything is served in a big dish that we share? Then she pointed out how often when you see goray have posh dinner parties, everything is served on a plate in individual portions. She said it's because we always have in the back of our minds that the numbers of guests could always change and that someone can drop in unexpectedly so in our culture it's seen as better to make more than we need so we can be generous towards our guests. Your post reminded me of that.

                It's such a let down when someone agrees to pitch in and then backs out at the last minute. You made a sensible decision to buy the main biryani dish so that if all else failed, everyone was covered. I'm guessing at future picnics there will probably not be as much deep fried food. I'm surprised cos' normally for such gatherings my mum makes things like pakoray or aloo parathay and they go down well but perhaps the weather and environment makes a difference to how well that goes down too. My cousin's wife in Pakistan is really into salads as well and my cousin's family think she's weird cos' of that, but then I look at how much blood pressure and diabetes is in my family and how little they exercise over there and I can see why she does it. I hope people like you start a trend because it is healthier to eat more salad and less meat and sugar etc.
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