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A Masjid for Refugees from all around the World (

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    A Masjid for Refugees from all around the World (

    As’salaamu aleykum Ummah of Rasul’Allah

    Did you know Boise, Idaho received more refugees in the last few years than New-York and California combined?

    More than 90% of the Boise Muslims are refugees from all over the word, and this number is growing as more and more refugees are being relocated to Boise every year. Alhamdulillah, we are not very wealthy in money but we are certainly wealthy in diversity, in unity and insha’Allah in Iman! You need your kind donation(s) today (for the sake of Allah) to help us payoff our new masjid and so we can continue to build on it in order to accomodate our growing ummah.

    Please visit today and support us, even if it is a small as a bird nest we will all benefit . :insha:

    Wa salaam