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Diary of a rohingya aid worker

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    Diary of a rohingya aid worker


    Today we received news that a fresh new wave of Rohingya had entered into Bangladesh and settled in a particular area, creating another campsite all around and on top of mountains overnight.

    As we were driving to assess the situation there, we saw many Rohingya men, women and children sitting by the roadside begging for help. What touched my heart was however, when I saw a young Bengali man who seemed like he was bending down and somehow doing something and bringing delight to these rohingya faces. I stared at him with curiosity, what was he doing to make them smile? As we got closer with our car, I noticed the man did not have any arms (up to the shoulders). He was actually bending down and giving them money with his mouth. He was not able to give them aid due to his situation, rather he was giving them money so they can purchase what they needed themselves.
    SubhanAllah! There are many wonderful people in this Ummah like this man who inspire me to carry out the work that I do with Lonely Orphans.

    We ask Allah to accept it from us and keep us all sincere. Ameen

    This man helped the Rohingya in the way he felt he could help them. Do take a moment to reflect on how you think you can perhaps help them too?...
    For those who wish to donate, please do so using the following link and we will insha Allah help the Rohingya on your behalf.

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