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Shaykh IBRAHIM YAHYA Ramadan Ifatr Dinner - Harrow.

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    Shaykh IBRAHIM YAHYA Ramadan Ifatr Dinner - Harrow.

    Learn the Keys to unlocking the doors to Jannah this Ramadan with Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim. An emotional journey looking at how to make the most of Ramadan.

    - 3 Course Iftar Meal
    - Quran recitation by a guest reciter from Saudi Arabia.
    - Nasheeds

    The event is taking place to support the efforts of Charity Right in providing free and regular school meals for some of the poorest children around the world. By providing free school meals we can enable education for these children and help them to break the cycle of poverty. PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK TO BOOK YOUR TICKETS

    If you have any question please contact: 07590 385157 or 07947364842