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Thread: Polls

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    Assalam Alaykum

    Ramadhan Kareem

    I have seen continous creating of polling in the polling boothe asking people;s personal information which serves no benifet to anyone islamically.

    The polling section has been created to gauge people's views and opinions on various issues concerning the ummah, not asking people whether they wear glasses or what season they like.

    It took me a while to remove some of unnecessary polls, its not something i m keen on esp in RAmadhan... as it takes up alot of time.

    InshAllah if I see anymore such useless polls, i will delete them, neg rep the person starting those and if they carry on after warning they will be banned.

    I hope you understand

    Wa Aalykumassalaam

    your bro
    "The objective behind Shari'ah is to liberate individuals from his desires in order to be a true Abd (slave) of Allah and that is the legitimate Maslaha... Violating the Shari'ah under the pretext of following Maqasid al-Shari'ah is like the one who cares about the spirit without the body and since the body without the spirit is useless therefore the spirit without the body is useless too." ~ Imam Shatibi - The greatest intellectual founder of Maqasid al-Shari'ah

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    Re: Polls

    ^ I figured how to view them myself

    So, guys... expect to see a lot of older threads being bumped in this section



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