Assalaamu Alaikum

These threads are absolute MUST reads for forum users.

Forum Rules and Regulations

You will be warned/banned for breaking them so it would make sense to READ them!

Requesting Forum Access

Please don't post threads in the WRONG place and go on and on about how you can eget access.. READ the guidance, it's all already been answered. Your requests may go ignored or get deleted if you make them in the wrong place.

Help Desk and Warning System

An all you need to know guide from sajid. Any questions, again, ask in the above thread, don't create new ones!

Rep System: An Illustrated Guide (by Al-Nasser)

All you need to know is in that thread. Please don't create more threads asking about how the rep system works etc, ask things like that in the thread above! We don't need a million threads asking that reps are and what rep power is, so READ.

Rep Comment: A Warning

We can read what you say in Rep comments, they're not private.


Further information:

Admins: Can deal with account related issues, access to forums, disabling rep etc.

Mods: Cannot deal with account related issues! We can only deal with thread/post issues and moderating content of the forums.

This is explained in the Rules and Regulations and who you should contact for what is explained also.. so PM or get in touch with the right person.

Wa alaikum as salaam,