Hope your all well . just after an opinion from an outsider really. We have two kids and if I'm being brutally'honest they very rarely listen to the extent invariably we end up shouting at them but this too rarely makes them listen.

The more worrying aspect is this then spills over to me and the other half arguing I'm front of the children. it really frustrates me in that we're both educated but we seem struggle in this respect. Recently I entered the house and I could hear the Mrs shouting on the third floor. I found this quite inappropriate as I don't think shouting so loud is an example of effective parenting. I brought this to her attention and I was told not to interfere but she doesn't grasp this isn't normal. Wallahi I swear by Allah when I say this the reason I brought this to her attenton is that I see this as a negative trait and I want her to try and realise that we need to work together in this regard. Instead I was accused of being a trouble maker and she started having a go at me in front of the kids.

I'm at the end of my tether as I feel this is damaging the kids and I appreciate my role in this regard. Please help.