Surrah 16
105:16:It is only those who do not believe in All‚hís Messages, who forge lies. And it is they who are the liars themselves....
107:16:That is because they have preferred the present life to the Hereafter and because All‚h does not guide the disbelieving people (to their goal).
108:16:It is these people on whose hearts, hearing and eyes All‚h has set a seal (for their disbelief). And it is these people who are really heedless.

I picked back up reading the Quran after studying some other stuff (mostly Plato). I was struck by this passage. The disbelievers, Christian and atheists I interact with in my life and online, donít appreciate the wisdom of the Quran, of true monotheism. I can talk myself blue defending it or explaining it. It wonít matter and only causes me to doubt and be double minded. Yet I know Mohammad (PBUH) is Godís messenger and the Quran is that message.

I hope you all can offer prayer or encouragement for me. To be bold and to hold onto the creed of Abraham.

Thanks, MM