I like to talk about iPhone 6 charger and various places that you can buy them. The well-known places you can buy a iPhone 6 charger is from Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, and target. The prices are pretty much the same in each place. You basically need to look for deals and see if someone is offering it for a little bit less, like 50 cents less and you can buy it. One of the most common and most popular sold products this year on eBay was this product. The reason is because it is a absolute necessity for us to use in order to give our phones running, Any product that is a necessity is always gonna have good sales as long as it's under $10 because most people will in-fact buy it and the conversion rate will be high, so you need to look for the best possible price that you can get for this product. The time of the year would also make a difference because sometimes it is more in demand and other times it's less in demand and the price goes up and down accordingly as shown here

I use a old phone an so my charger would be different than the most popular one the people buy. I got my device when I was nearly 20 and these spoiled kids these days are only five years old and they have one, not to mention the games that they play 24/7 like lazy couch potatoes. That is why cancer is on the rise and many kids are getting deadly forms of cancer. One of the reasons is also due to the radiation from Wi-Fi and the iPods, iPhones, computers and TV exposure all of which release radiation. And you will find many doctors saying the exposure is very little and it's no big deal if you get exposed. But the fact is that it is only the case if you use your device for only a few hours a day but the fact is; most people are holding the phones 24/7 and they don't even turn it off when they sleep! So the amount of radiation exposure is actually much higher than the acceptable amount. In addition to that, you find many stupid Americans, microwaving much of what they eat at home. It's beyond me how anyone can microwave food when in fact microwaved food taste like cardboard and not to mention the serious harm that the microwave causes. How could anyone possibly think that there's no harm, when the microwave is cooking your food with radiation; how can that not be harmful?

Just because doctors say is not harmful doesn't mean they are right because a lot of times doctor say things which later on with further studies are found to be wrong and in this case, that's definitely going to be the case. Why do you think that cancers is on the rise these days? There is clearly a reason behind it and it's not just luck, but what does all this have to do with iPhone 6 charger or the topic of this todays article? Well, nothing but I thought it was important to mention these things because people are not realizing how harmful these devices can be. Although they are important and maybe necessary in our modern pathetic lifes, we can't use them 24/7 and keep them on even when we sleep. I am also guilty of using it way too much, right from the time I wake up, I go straight away and check my email, I do some business on it and I check my other affiliate accounts, so I use it pretty much most of the day and I feel very bad about that. Even more so because I had a form of cancer since age 14 and 12 years later I still have this horrible disease. I've suffered with severe itchiness for the last six years straight. Just imagine being very itchy every night for the last six years straight! It's very painful and I've spent many nights crying from the horrible torture. Not to mention the countless other conditions and symptoms that I've had for all these years. The point is, don't be so reckless with these devices because they are very harmful and that's not the only thing but there are many other things that are harmful for you. So enjoy your devices but don't overuse them and eat healthy and exercise and don't be lazy!