Assalamualikum Brothers and Sisters,

It seems that we need to remind ourselves of the importance of verifying the existence of a Hadith or narration before spreading it around.

I've seen one not so long ago on Ummah Forums about Umar radiallahu anhu apparently claiming...

"I am not a fool but I pretend to be a fool in order to fool the fool. And just when the fool thinks I am a fool, I will expose the fool and show him that he is the fool!"

This is a fabricated saying which does not belong to Umar radiallahu anhu, confirmed by Sheikh Abu Musab.

The dangers of narrating fake hadith and sayings of the Sahaba radiallahu anhum cannot be emphasized enough Brothers and Sisters,

If we do not wish to acquire the multitude of sins by spreading false information about the Sahaba radiallahu anhum or the Rasul صلى الله عليه و سلم then we owe it to ourselves to verify information before passing it on.